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Experienced Lawyer Will Help Protect Your Rights and Fight Criminal Charges in Court!
If you are facing criminal charges in Southern California Superior Courts, you need experienced, dedicated, and focused Attorney representation. Our Law Firm's primary focus is on representing and defending those accused of criminal misconduct. An experienced Lawyer can make the difference in cases involving charges of violations of the California Penal Codes, Vehicle Codes, Harbor and Navigation Codes and the Health and Safety Codes.

Every week we are in court representing individuals charged with misdemeanors and felonies in Riverside County Courts, San Bernardino County Courts and Imperial County Courts.  Our firm takes serious its' commitment to protect the interests of our clients charged with DUI/DWI Drunk Driving, Drug, Theft, Weapon Possession, Assault and Battery allegations.

Often individuals traveling from from Arizona into California are stopped in Blythe, Indio, Palm Springs, Needles, El Centro or Banning and are surprised to find out what was legal in another state is illegal in California.

Our Firm also understands that this is probably the most serious accusation you have ever faced. We understand that your freedom, reputation, and perhaps your job are at stake. Our job is to help you navigate your way through the confusing and scary world that the criminal accused faces. Additionally, we have posted some results of past criminal cases we have handled. You are invited to take a look at some of our past results.

Because of our focus on representing those charged with criminal misconduct we stay up-to-date with current developments in the area of criminal law. You can rest assured that we will work hard and protect your rights. 

Additionally, if you have been previously convicted of criminal offenses we may be able to help cleanup your record by seeking an expungement of your criminal court case.

Contact us for a free consultation with an experienced Attorney/Lawyer to see how we can help you!

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1130 West Hobsonway
Blythe, CA 92225
Phone: (760) 922-5051

82-500 Highway 111, Suite No. 11
Indio, CA 92201
Phone: (760) 347-6579

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