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Southern California Legal Firm for Traffic Violations/Traffic Tickets

If you are facing traffic vehicle code violation charges that add points to your driver's license record and/or require a mandatory court appearance we can help!

Individuals driving from Arizona into California are often surprised to find out what was legal in Arizona will get you a traffic ticket in California. Motorist driving in San Bernardino County, Imperial County and Riverside County are often ticketed and cited into the Blythe, Indio, Needles, El Centro, Winterhaven or Banning Courts for traffic citations involving speeding and other vehicle code violations.

Call to speak with an experienced traffic Lawyer to see how we can help keep DMV/DPS points off your driving record. You do have options.


Our firm can often prevent a formal conviction and/or keep points off your driver's license record. Additionally, with an experienced traffic attorney/lawyer you generally will not have to appear in court.

A traffic ticket may have a serious, and unanticipated effect on an individual.
A conviction sometimes results in a loss of driver's license and/or job.
A history of traffic violations will raise your insurance premiums.
The points for the traffic violation will be assessed on your driver's license.

We appear in Court on traffic tickets/citations for:

   * Speeding

   * Failure to stop

   * Running a red light

   * Illegal lane change

   * Following too closely

   * Reckless driving

   * Driving with a suspended license

   * Driving too fast for the conditions
   * Log Book Violations

Traffic Violations                                                                         
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